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Company address: 13F, building C, huaqiang plaza, huaqiang north road, huaqiang north road, futian district, shenzhen city

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Company tenet

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1. Corporate purpose
Light your life with your heart
Sincerity - based on good faith
Elaborate - with superb technical service products
Perseverance - consistently building a good brand
Work together - work together to create a better future
2. Enterprise spirit
Scientific management, efficient operation, unity and struggle to create a better future
3. Business philosophy
Integrity value quality service
4. Quality policy
Careful selection and strict control of customer satisfaction quality is preferred
5. Corporate vision
Let healthy LED light enter public life
Core values
We treat our customers with enthusiasm.
We trust and respect individuals;
We pursue outstanding achievements and contributions.
We focus on speed and flexibility;
We focus on meaningful innovation;
We achieve our common goals through teamwork.
We uphold integrity and integrity in our business activities