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Guangbei Electronics once again won the 2014 "Quality Supplier" company

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The "2014 Quality Supplier Selection" will begin accepting applications on September 9. From the top 500 sea elections to the top 200 elections, to the ten top ten industry review, the entire event lasted more than four months. In the spirit of “responsibility to buyers”, the selection of quality suppliers is guided by the major electronic chambers of commerce and adhering to the principle of “openness, fairness, and fairness”. The 18 reviewers will use the voting criteria in conjunction with the users’ voting, and will eventually The list of top 100 companies is presented to us.
In the end, the top ten industries “Shenzhen Guangbei Electronics Co., Ltd.” obtained from integrated circuits, power supplies, optoelectronics, security, 2/triodes, resistors/capacitors, connectors/wire and cable, instrumentation/electronic tools, and sensors/relays were awarded "2014 Premium Supplier" title. Guangbei Electronic has won the title of “Quality Supplier” in the optoelectronics industry for three consecutive years in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Thank you for your thanks to the new and old customers and friends for their support and trust in our company!


"2014 Quality Supplier" Honorary Certificate


"2012, 2013, 2014 Premium Supplier" Honorary Certificate

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